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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pre PG Buster - AIIMS - All India 2003


Pre PG Buster - AIIMS - All India 2003

AIPG 2003 and AIIMS May 2003 Vishal Jain and Ashish Jain - Peepee Publishers get 20%discount and Free Postage anywhere in India


Vishal Jain, Ashish Jain


Peepee Publishers and Distributors




Rs 225 (Rs 180 after discount)

Type of Book

Rapid Notes and MCQs of One Exam

Exams covered

AIPG 2003 and AIIMS May 2003

Subjects covered

All Subjects

Intended for

PG Aspirants of All India and AIIMS

Can be Used for

PG Aspirants of All India and AIIMS

Impressed with

1. A different approach of giving both important points as well as MCQs

Areas for Improvement

1. Correction of Mistakes


All the 300 Questions of All India 12th Jan 2003 and 200 Questions of AIIMS May 2003 and solved with references and detailed explanations. The answers are referenced from Standard textbooks and the basics as well as the high yield points of the particular topic are given in detail


The free booklet of Clinical Syndromes

Reviewed on

March 4th 2004

Reviewed by

Team Target PG


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