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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Condensed Paediatrics Companion 2nd Edition


Condensed Paediatric Companion 2nd Editon

Condensed Paediatrics Companion 2nd Edition - J Narsing Rao- PARAS Publishing


J Narsing Rao


PARAS Publishing




Rs 100

Type of Book

Rapid Notes

Exams covered

All Exams

Subjects covered

Paediatrics / Pediatrics

Intended for

MBBS Students

PG Aspirants

Super specialty aspirants

Can be Used for

MBBS Students

PG Aspirants

Super specialty aspirants

Impressed with

1. System wise approach to the subject

2. High Yield Points

3. Details about the national program concerned with Children

Areas for Improvement

1. Diagrams

2. Tables


This book gives the most important and often asked points in Paediatrics in system wise manner. The book is divided into 26 systems.

The success of the author in this compilation lies in the fact that at least 10 (usually 15, sometimes even 20) questions in any PG Medical Entrance exam can be answered with this book alone


A book that can help you score in Biochemistry and Pathology as well

Reviewed on

July 11th 2004

Reviewed by

Team Target PG


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