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Sunday, November 12, 2006

MCQs in Orthopaedics


MCQs in Orthopaedics

MCQs in Orthopaedics - Chandrasekar- PARAS Publishing




PARAS Publishing





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MCQs with Explanations

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All Exams

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MBBS Students

PG Aspirants

Post Graduates in Surgery and Ortho

Super specialty aspirants

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MBBS Students

PG Aspirants

Post Graduates in Surgery and Ortho

Super specialty aspirants

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1. Excellent Collection

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Areas for Improvement

1. Diagrams

2. Page number and edition of the reference


This book covers the MCQs in Orthopaedics. The questions are arranged in various chapters like

  1. Basic Sciences
  2. Clinical Examination
  3. Ortho radiology and Imageology
  4. Traumatology
  5. Ortho oncology
  6. Congenital deformities
  7. Rheumatology
  8. Infection
  9. Metabolic / Endocrine / Degenerative conditions
  10. Implants. Orthotics and Orthopaedic appliances
  11. Surgical Procedures / Miscellaneous

Each chapter has 150 – 200 questions on the particular chapter followed by their answers with brief discussion and more importantly the book from which the author has taken these.


If you want to know difference between Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Nursemaid’s elbow and Student’s elbow or the use of Judet View or LP:LT Ratio, this book can aid your cause

Learsen's disease, Candle drip Appearence are also explained by this book

Reviewed on

August 4th, 2004

Reviewed by

Team Target PG


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