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Monday, January 31, 2005

Review of Forensic Medicine

Review of Forensic Medicine

Review of Forensic Medicine by Dr.Sumit Seth - Peepee Publishers

Contact the Publisher to get 20%discount and Free Postage anywhere in IndiaPeepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd7/31; Ansari Road; Darya GanjPost Box No: 7243New Delhi-110002. INDIAPhone : 011 5519586898111 56083EMail : peepee160@rediffmail.com

Sumit Seth

Peepee Publishers and Distributors


Rs 95 (Rs 76 after discount)

Type of Book
Rapid Notes with MCQs

Exams covered
All Exams

Subjects covered
Forensic Medicine

Intended for
MBBS Students
PG Aspirants

Can be Used for
MBBS - Final Year,
PG Entrance Exams,

Impressed with
A book giving you both the key points as well as MCQs so that you can learn with the former and check your preparation with the latter
Health Related Declarations
Declaration of OsloàTherapeutic Abortion
Declaration of SydneyàDefinition of death
Declaration of MunichàDiscrimination in Medicine
Declaration of HelsinkiàHuman Experimentations and Clinical Trials
Declaration of LisbonàRights of Patients
Declaration of VeniceàTerminal Illness
Declaration of TokyoàTorture and Medicine
Areas for Improvement
Diagrams and Flow Charts
Latest Acts and Rules like the Organ Donation act can be mentioned in the next editions

Forensic Medicine comprises about 8 to 10 % of the questions asked in any PG Medical Entrance Exams and if there are 10 questions in a paper, 8 will be the questions that have been already asked and are from the topics that are favoured by the question setters.

The best way to attempt all the questions asked is to ready the text books of Forensic Medicine (Reddy, Apurva Nandy or Parikh) from cover to cover and that will consume a months time of your preparation. But there is an alternative. If you can prepare the topics which are likely to be asked, you can complete your preparation in few days and yet can score considerable marks because of the peculiar distribution of the questions in this subject

Review of Forensic Medicine, authored by Dr.Sumit Seth and published by Peepee brothers and Publishers is an good option to those want to devote little time to this subject, yet get maximum benefit from it

The book is divided into 14 chapters, each dealing with
Violent Asphyxial Death
Sexual Offences
Thermal Injuries
Forensic Psychiatry
Blood Stains
Impotence, Sterility and MTP
Court Procedures
Medical Jurisprudence
Each chapter gives the key points and is followed by the MCQs from it

The book can be completed in a short time, yet is packed with information. Mnemonics given in the chapter of Medical Jurisprudence are good

Reviewed on
Oct 3rd 2004
Reviewed by
Team Target PG

Available at
All Medical Book Stores
To get this book, contact
011 55195868, 98111 56083


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