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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Target PG Series TNPSC 3rd Edition (18 Papers from 1995 to 2009)

Target PG Series TNPSC 3rd Edition 
(References and Explanations for All 18 Papers from 1995 to 2009)

Details of the Book: 
Title: Target Pg Series TNPSC 
Authors: Dr Bruno, Dr Amali 
Edition: Third ( March, 2013) 
Pages: XII + 1178 
Size : 21 cm X 14cm 
ISBN: 978-81-89477-18-9 
Price: Rs.550
Available Online
From Discovery Book Palace.
Click here to buy this book online

High Lights of this Book
  • 18 Original Question Papers from 1995 to 2009. Only Book that covers all questions asked in the past two decades
    • Special TNPSC 2009 Nov
    • General TNPSC 2009 Feb
    • Special TNPSC 2007 Dec 
    • TNPSC 2007 May MHO Recruitment
    • General TNPSC 2005 October
    • General TNPSC 2003 October
    • Special TNPSC 2003 July
    • 2000 Medical Science
    • 2000 Medical Science
    • 1999 Medical Science
    • 1999 Medical Science
    • 1998 Medical Science
    • 1998 Medical Science
    • 1997 Medical Science
    • 1996 Medical Science
    • 1996 Medical Science
    • 1995 Medical Science
    • 1995 Medical Science
  • 3120 Original Questions
  • Answers Extensively Referenced from Standard Textbooks.
  • Detailed Explanation for Each Answer.
  • Questions with more than one answer (or no answer) are pointed out.
  • Relevant Diagrams and Tables
  • Other possible points in the topic that have been asked and can be asked are explained.
  • High Yield Topics are enumerated
  • Comments, Tips and Mnemonics for solving.
  • Notes on Preparation and Strategy Management.
  • Handy Size – Easy to Carry.
  • Online Extension at www.targetpg.in and www.mcqsonline.net
  • Brought out by TargetPG
Kalam Books

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

“OPERATION HARRI CAPSULE” – BOOK “The book for P.G. Medical Entrance Examination”

God is Great

Few eBooks by Pozitive
Operation Harri : eBook (Pozitive Operative Harri)
Pozitive : AIIMS : May 2013 : Discussion
AIIMS November 2013 Q & A by Pozitive
“The book for P.G. Medical Entrance Examination”

Highlights (has 4 sections)
* All new entrance exam oriented points from 18th edition of Harrison discussed in detail.
* For continuity, the relevant points from 17th edition is also provided
* To differentiate both-2 colours used
  - Blue-18th edition
   - Black-17th edition
* What it targets- 15 tough new questions from AIIMS/PGI/AIPG(NEET)
SECTION 2-SPM extract
* What it targets-atleast 15 questions from SPM in AIIMS/PGI/AIPG(NEET)
* Salient entrance examination oriented points from Various subjects compiled
* What it targets-atleast 15 questions from AIIMS/PGI/AIPG(NEET)
SECTION 4- Physiology extract
* What it targets-at least 15 questions from AIIMS/PGI/AIPG(NEET)
Targets – 60 Questions from AIIMS/PGI/AIPG !!!

Mode of Payment
* Can be paid either by DD/Online Transfer
DD should be taken in favour of
POSITIVE-(payable at Chennai)
*Address DD has to be sent- POSITIVE-18/94 Treasure island Complex,Pantheon Road-Egmore-Chennai
*On line transfer details-
Kindly transfer the money - NEFT (ONLY) in favour of POSITIVE, AXIS BANK ACCOUNT no 910020013987930, door no 662 ward no 33, TS NO 74 BLOCK 12 Ward D Tenkasi Road, Rajapalayam – 626117.
 IFSC code no UTIB 0000697.
* Once you register,you will receive the study material by post within 3 days.
*For further details-kindly contact-9715610411,9952239808

To Know about our Operation Harri Book, click here


This Book is available as EBook
  • You can read it in your Desktop, Laptop 
  • You can also read it in your Android Phones, iPhones, Windows Phone, iPad, Android Tablets, Surface
How to To Read this eBook
  1. Get free Scribd mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android
  2. Get Operation Harri : eBook (Pozitive Operation Harri) 
  3. You can also read  this book using your browser. In Laptop and Desktop
  4. In case of difficulties leave a comment below with your Mail ID
Few eBooks by Pozitive
Operation Harri : eBook (Pozitive Operative Harri)
Pozitive : AIIMS : May 2013 : Discussion
AIIMS November 2013 Q & A by Pozitive

 Operation Harri – A Book for AIIMS and AIPG from Positive Coaching - 45 Questions in May 2013 were from our Book Operation Harri
Operation Harri – A Book for AIIMS and AIPG from Positive Coaching – 45 Questions in May 2013 were from our Book Operation Harri - http://www.targetpg.in/?p=3169

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DNB CET Review : For Primary and Post Diploma - Volume 1 & 2 3rd Edition

Buy DNB CET Review : For Primary and Post Diploma

The third edition of 'DNB CET REVIEW' by Dr Vaibhav Bharat and Dr Ishad Aggarwal is now available at Flipkart.

  • The Book Also have 74 Appendices 
  • APPENDIX-1: Cranial nerve motor nuclei     
    APPENDIX-2: Types of cartilage      
    APPENDIX-3: Gait abnormality      
    APPENDIX-4: Lymphatic drainage of perineal structures   
    APPENDIX-5: Adult derivatives & vestigial remains of embryonic urogenital structures
    APPENDIX-6: Brachial arches       
    APPENDIX-7: Brachial plexus lesions      
    APPENDIX-8: Dermatomal distribution      
    APPENDIX-9: Vertebral levels       
    APPENDIX-10: Common types of covering Epithelia in human body  
    APPENDIX-11: Sleep physiology      
    APPENDIX-12: Hypothalamic nuclei     
    APPENDIX-13: Mechanoreceptors      
    APPENDIX-14: Renal physiology      
    APPENDIX-15: Tracts of spinal cord     
    APPENDIX-16: Types of hypoxia      
    APPENDIX-17: Lysosomal storage disorders    
    APPENDIX-18: Glycogen storage disorders    
    APPENDIX-19: Cytokines       
    APPENDIX-20: Immunoglobulins      
    APPENDIX-21: Hypersensitivity reaction    
    APPENDIX-22: Acute infectious diarrhea     
    APPENDIX-23: Viral inclusion bodies     
    APPENDIX-24: Histology/Pathology/Microbiology stains  
    APPENDIX-25: Few important bodies in medical science   
    APPENDIX-26: Tumor markers      
    APPENDIX-27: Apoptosis vs. Necrosis     
    APPENDIX-28: Markers of hepatitis B     
    APPENDIX-29: Translocations      
    APPENDIX-30: Types of collagen & associated diseases   
    APPENDIX-31: Human papilloma virus     
    APPENDIX-32: Teratogen       
    APPENDIX-33: Chemical kinetics of drugs    
    APPENDIX-34: FDA Approved monoclonal antibodies   
    APPENDIX-35: Classifi cation of epileptic seizures & Antiepileptic drugs
    APPENDIX-36: Cephalosporins      
    APPENDIX-37: Cancer chemotherapy- classifi cation, toxicity, amelioration 
    APPENDIX-38: Neuroleptics side eff ects     
    APPENDIX-39: Causes of Gynecomastia     
    APPENDIX-40: Drugs used in Arrhythmias    
    APPENDIX-41: Physical methods of torture and corporal punishment 
    APPENDIX-42: Antidote       
    APPENDIX-43: Mosquito       
    APPENDIX-44: Food Adulterants      
    APPENDIX-45: Health planning committee    
    APPENDIX-46: Types of vaccine      
    APPENDIX-47: Demographic cycle     
    APPENDIX-48: Types of Tympanogram     
    APPENDIX-49: Paranasal sinuses      
    APPENDIX-50: Bleeding/Coagulation disorders    
    APPENDIX-51: Autoantibodies      
    APPENDIX-52: Types of anemia      
    APPENDIX-53: Obstructive vs Restrictive lung disease   
    APPENDIX-54: ECG changes      
    APPENDIX-55: Complications of massive blood transfusion  
    APPENDIX-56: Hereditary colon cancer syndromes   
    APPENDIX-57: Types of nerve injuries     
    APPENDIX-58: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia    
    APPENDIX-59: Major histopathological categories of Ovarian carcinoma
    APPENDIX-60: FIGO Staging of ovarian carcinoma   
    APPENDIX-61: FIGO Staging of cervical cancer 
    APPENDIX-62: TNM Staging of Breast cancer 
    APPENDIX-63: Complete & Partial Hydatidiform mole
    APPENDIX-64: Tocolytic agents   
    APPENDIX-65: Sexually transmitted diseases 
    APPENDIX-66: Investigation of choice  
    APPENDIX-67: Isotopes used in Radiotherapy 
    APPENDIX-68: Alphabetical list of eponymous fractures
    APPENDIX-69: Infl uenza a virus subtype H1N1 
    APPENDIX-70: Health related days 
    APPENDIX-71: HPV Vaccine- Cervarix
    APPENDIX-72: Withdrawal Symptoms
    APPENDIX-73: Subtypes of Schizophrenia
    APPENDIX-74: Diseases due to helminths

  • Authors: Dr Vaibhav Bharat & Dr Ishad Aggarwal
  • Publisher: Kalam Books
  • ISBN: 978 81 89477 17 2
  • Edition: Second ( March 2012)
  • Pages: xiv + 880
  • Size : 21 Cm X 28 Cm
  • MRP: Rs.795/-
** For more details and ordering info please e-mail us at info@kalambooks.com or call us at 9676001007 (10am - 8pm)

Readers can check out the Preview of the Book by clicking the below link. It consists of 96 pages out of total 894 pages contained in the actual book.


You can place the order by simply calling 9650457457

You Can Pay By Cash Upon Delivery In The Following 27 Cities

Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur,Kolhapur, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Noida, Thiruvananthapuram, Visakhapatnam

Available with:
  • Paras Medical Books Pvt.Ltd
  • Hyderabad: 040-24600869, 66821071, 09394387911 (11 am - 6pm)
  • Bangalore: 080-26708108
  • Chennai: 044-32957345
  • Mumbai: 022-32606020
  • Pune: 020-26124565
  • Delhi: 011-32431153
  • Mangalore: 0824-3193331
  • Cochin: 0484-4012346
All India Book House
  • Delhi: 011-23256036
College Book Store
  • Delhi: 011-23279128
National Book Depot
  • Mumbai: 022-24131362
About First Edition : 'Kalam Books' released a new Title on DNB Entrance Examination Titled 'DNB CET REVIEW' by Dr Vaibhav Bharat and Dr Ishad Aggarwal. The book contains December 2010 and June 2011 papers with Explanatory answers. It also contains information about pass percentage of DNB through RTI. The details of the book are:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Advertisement : Clinical Research Books

Dear Sir/Madam,

I take the opportunity to introduce DNA Press to you as a company specializing in publication of clinical research books. Our focus is to publish ‘first in class’ books in order to address the specialized training requirements of clinical research personnel. Being the first books on various relevant topics, these are very useful for all the personnel who wish to join Clinical Research profession or have been working in this stream. The books have already received wide acclamation from various stakeholders.

The specialized publications include (poster enclosed):

  1. Becoming A Successful Clinical Trial Investigator
A step by step guide to clinicians for developing a world-class clinical trial site

  1. All You Need To Know About Clinical Research
A quick reference guide on clinical trials terminologies and abbreviations

  1. The Big Book of Clinical Research
A workbook for fun learning through crosswords, jumbled words, word search, odd-one-out and process flows based on clinical research topics

With a market size of over $52 billion worldwide, clinical research is set to become a sunrise industry and there would be a requirement of trained clinical research personnel in big numbers.  These books could be of great use to you/your research team for gaining knowledge on this important stream.

We look forward to a fruitful association.

Thanks and regards,
Mukul Singhal
DNA Press
G-29, South City-I, Gurgaon- 122 001, India
M: 09711336681, 09811032644
Ph: 0124-4223379, Fax: 0124-4223378

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mukesh Agrawal - Textbook of Pediatrics

Title: Textbook of Peadiatrics
Author: Mukesh Agrawal
Price: Rs 825/-
Publisher: Bhalani Publishers
Contact: 022 24093098/09867268945
Email: bhalanipublishers@gmail.com
Web: www.bhalanipublishers.com
Four Color

  • State of the art information in concise form with specific relevance to Indian children, excluding unnecessary details about rare diseases.
  • Based on recent MCI syllabus, covering the modules of didactic teaching for undergraduates as per MCI & IAP recommendations.
  • Incorporating recent guidelines from national and international academic bodies on specific problems. 
  • Select chapters contributed by renowned experts in the relevant fields.
  • A brief overview of applied basic sciences at the beginning of chapters to enhance understanding of clinical problems.
  • systemic review of relevant clinical examination and laboratory investigations/ interventions, to enhance evaluation skills.
  • step-wise diagnostic approach to common clinical problems to assist in arriving at the diagnosis in a simplified manner.  
  • An evidence-based management approach, incorporating recent guidelines from national and international agencies.
  • Simplified, self-explanatory illustrations along with typical x-ray figures and colored photographs for visual appreciation of problems.
  • Separate chapters on pediatric procedures and instruments and essential pharmacological aspects of drug therapy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scientific Book Company - Details and Contact Address

About Scientific Book Company
  • They are a leading Medical Book Publisher of Eastern India. 
  • In this field since 1948. 
  • Have two retail outlets in Patna
  • Biggest Medical Book Seller in Bihar. 
  • Publisher of hugely popular Sarp series for postgraduate medical admission test. SARP Stands for Skin - Anaesthesia - Radiology - Psychiatry
  • This Series has been hugely popular among the medical students preparing for various post graduate entrance examinations for the last 18 years.
  • The Sarp series consists of a total of 16 books aimed at helping the students to crack the various postgraduate entrance examinations. 
  • Website : www.scientificbookco.com 
Contact Addres

Shravan Bhagat
Scientific Book Company
Ashok Rajpath, Opp. P.M.C.H.,
Patna- 800004

PH: 0612- 2301724, 2301744
Fax: 0612-2301724
Mobile: 9304626463
Website: www.scientificbookco.com
E mail : scientificbookco@sify.com, scientificbookco@gmail.com, info@scientificbookco.com

Monday, May 11, 2009

NEW MCQ BOOK ON PSM by Dr Vivek Jain (PULSE Publications)

Message from the Author himself
‘Understanding PSM is difficult, owing to the vastness of the subject, but enjoyable, if you come across a good teacher and a useful book!’
A student
While preparing for PG entrance examination, I myself realised that most of the PSM MCQs, related text and even the referenced answers given in books were invariably unable to satisfy me as a student. Most of the times, there were questions from ‘topics not given in standard text books’ (for example, nested case control study, case series report, statistical errors, probability, odds and likelihood ratios, health legislations, Water washed diseases, Golden rice, COPRA, etc. – all together just the tip of an iceberg of such MCQs). Every year there were ‘new unheard questions from unexplored fields’, overlapping choices of MCQs from other fields of medicine accompanied with futile search for ‘recent most data of Public Health Statistics’, etc. This all made me realise that PSM is a difficult subject to conceptualise and memorise. Elaborate books also confused me regarding the relative importance of each topic in the subject.
I also realised that students face maximum difficulty in understanding the concepts of ‘Biostatistics’ and in obtaining precise, concise and useful data from ‘National Health Programmes of India’.
Also, PG entrance examinations have a sizeable chunk of direct and overlapping questions from PSM subject (Just 1 subject out of 19 total subjects). A quick look at last few years tells us the following stats (to name a few),
AIIMS PG Entrance Examination: 20 – 25 PSM questions (10 – 12% of total MCQs)
AIPGME Examination: 23 – 30 PSM questions (8 – 10% of total MCQs)
UPSC CMS Examination: 60 – 75 PSM questions (25 – 30% of total MCQs)
FMGE – MCI Screening Examination: 30 – 35 questions (10 – 12% of total MCQs)
DPG Entrance Examination: 22 – 28 PSM questions (8 – 10% of total MCQs)
Moreover, PSM helps in solving several allied questions (partly or totally) of Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Pharmacology, Medicine, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, etc.
So there is no denying the fact that ‘PSM is of paramount importance’ to successfully tackle any PG Entrance Examination.
Thus, I have written this book keeping a student’s, a teacher’s and an examiner’s perspective in mind.
1. All the answers suitably referenced, authenticated and given in sufficient details
2. Each answer followed by ‘Also Remember’- A compilation of various important note-worthy points based on previous questions from several fields
3. Previous solved papers of AIIMS PG Entrance Examinations (May 1999 – November 2008; 20 papers) and AIPGME Examinations (2001 – 2009; 9 papers)
4. Golden Points (two sets) for a quick revision just before the examination
5. Several annexures (Incubation period and Modes of transmission of diseases, Important days of Public Health, Instruments of importance in public health, Important health legislations and programmes in India, Vectors, NHP 2002 & NPP 2000 and Public Health related statistics of India) have been included towards the end of the book to given the student an edge over others.
Please remember there is no substitute to theory books, but hopefully you will find all relevant theory in this user-friendly book.
Other details of the book: 
The book is expected to be a 'one-stop shop' for all theory related to PG Entrance examinations 
  • References have been included from standard textbooks by K. Park, Sunder Lal, Robbani & Dhaar, Jugal Kishore, Harrison, CMDT, etc, and from Dictionary of Public health
  • Special emphasis has been laid upon Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Communicable & Non-communicable diseases, National Health Programs of India
  • Latest Public Health related statistics (upto 2008-09) have been provided for India and World
  • Several tables have been used to make the information student-friendly
  • Over 50 diagrams have been used to help memorise concepts
  • Pneumonics to help for quick answering in exams
  • Few mistakes in standard textbooks of PSM have been rectified with appropriate references
  • No repetitions in questions or text-answers to keep the volume to the useful minimum
  • It includes microbiology, pharmacology, pharmacology, medicine, obstetrics, geriatrics and pediatrics related to PSM in India
The book is priced around Rupees 290-330/- in India

Dr Vivek Jain is a graduate from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and has completed his MD (Community Medicine) from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. He has also provided services as a Research Consultant to United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime - Regional Office for South Asia from 2006-2008. He has taught students throughout India and has travelled to different parts of globe. He is passionate for teaching public health. Currently he is working with Dept of Community Medicine, Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

Where to buy the book: The book is available at all leading medical book stores of India (PULSE Publications)

Publisher Address: Pulse Publications, 1st Floor, Ayodhaya Das Trade Compound, Vijay Chowk, Gorakhpur (U.P.); [Phone: 0551-2341804]; [Mobile: 09312784703, 09235392282]

Please note : We have not reviewed this book. We have presented the Author's message as such

Friday, March 13, 2009

Handbook of Orthopaedics, by Hitesh Gopalan

"Handbook of Orthopaedics, by Hitesh Gopalan (Jaypee Publishers)covers the entire Orthopaedics in a simple bullet format style.It is easy to read and contains all relevant and accurate information.It is useful for most postgraduate entrance examinations. The book also contains the most upto date information on all Orthopaedic conditions

It is also useful for Postgraduates in Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Paediatrics and Medicine as well as those doctors working as Resident Doctors or at Trauma Centres

Friday, January 2, 2009

Zulfi Raj's Pre PG Medicine HandBook 4th Edition - Revised by Bruno


TargetPG Series
Zulfi-Raj’s Pre-PG Medicine Handbook
Some Reasons to Buy this Book
· Medicine and Medical Sciences dealt with on a point by point basis.
· An invaluable aid to reviewing Harrison’s.
· Rapid review in short time.
· Difficult-to-find facts arranged in an easy-to-understand format.
· Attractive alignment helps aid self review and assessment.
· High-end formatting for rapid revision.
· Especially useful for All India, PGI, AIIMS and various state medical PG entrance exams. A useful guide to final year MBBS students. Ideal refresher to those getting “out of touch” with medical esoteria.
· New Section on Application of Basic Sciences with New chapters on Acid Base Balance, Enzymes, Investigation and Therapeutics
· New Section on General Guidelines with New Chapters on “How to Prepare for PG” and “How many Questions to attempt”
· Fundamentals of Acid Base Balance explained in the Topic “A Story of Proton”
· Updated and compatible with 22nd Edition of Ganong, 5th Edition of Tripathi, 7th Edition of Ananthanarayanan, 7th Edition of Robbins and (of course) 16th edition of Harrison.
· Attractively priced.


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