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Monday, November 22, 2004

TargetPG MAHE 2000 to 2004

TargetPG MAHE 2000 to 2004

TargetPG MAHE 2000-2004 Solved Questions with Explanations  by Dr.Ashwin - Peepee Publishers
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Peepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd
7/31; Ansari Road; Darya GanjPost Box No: 7243
New Delhi-110002. INDIA
Phone : 011 55195868
98111 56083
EMail : peepee160@rediffmail.com

Ashwin Udyawar Acharya

Peepee Publishers and Distributors


Rs 250 (Rs 200 after discount)

Type of Book
MCQ book - with Explanations

Exams covered

Subjects covered
All Subjects

Intended for
PG Entrance,
MAHE and other PG Entrance
Can be Used for
PG Entrance,
MAHE and other PG Entrance

Impressed with
The brief Explanations that cover many related MCQs
Diagrams, Flow Charts and Table
Areas for Improvement
Explanations for the NRI paper

The last two decades have seen a tremendous change as for as Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is concerned. As you all are aware of, we have seen new diseases, new investigation and new modes of treatment. A more radical change can has occurred over the academic scenario also.To get into a Post Graduate course of one's choice, one has to appear for an Entrance Exam where a mere pass or a first class in not enough, but one has to get high marks. The competition has grown to such an intense levels these days that a mere 3 % is what often differentiates between some one who has got the first rank and some one who has been left out of the merit list.

In this book, Dr.Ashwin Udyawar, a well known figure in the Cyber World of PG Preparation, has discussed each and every question that has been recollected from the memory of those who had attended the Entrance Examinations at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in detail. With this approach you save precious time that is needed to locate the book and then to locate the topic.Dr. Ashwin Udyawar will be a familiar name for those who are aware of the various sites that cater to the PG Preparation. This book is an attempt by him to guide the entrance aspirants as to "What" as well as "How" and "Why Not" when you are solving an MCQ
Each question and four choices are followed by the answer and then the Page number of a Standard Text book that has been used as a reference and what differentiates this book from others is the fact that there is a liberal use of tables and flowcharts and diagrams which no doubt help in the student retaining the concepts

This is probably one of the few (if not the first) Indian MCQ book with X Rays depicted along with the explanation

Though this book covers 6 question papers, the students can get the knowledge of solving more than a dozen question papers of MAHE by reading through this book. This is possible because each and every question is followed by the relevant explanations which is equal to solving about 5 MCQs from this topic.

Reviewed on
Dec 12th 2004
Reviewed by
Team Target PG

Available at
All Medical Book Stores
To get this book, contact
011 55195868, 98111 56083

Thursday, January 1, 2004

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