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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Radiological Procedures


Radiological Procedures

Radiological Procedures by SK Bhargava - Peepee Publishersget 20%discount and Free Postage anywhere in India


SK Bhargava


Peepee Publishers and Distributors




Rs 295 (Rs 236 after discount)

Type of Book

Text Book

Exams covered

All Exams

Subjects covered


Intended for

MBBS Students
PG Aspirants for reference
Post Graduates
All Clinicians (not only Radiologists)

Can be Used for

PG Entrance Exams - Reference,

Post Graduates and All Clinicians (not only Radiologists) to refer while ordering a particular investigation

Impressed with

1. The Concept of the book.

2. Deals the basics as well as the minute details

3. Practical Problems are mentioned clearly

4. The treatment of complications during a radiological procedures are given clearly

5. Good Quality of Pictures

6. State of the art Paper and Printing

Areas for Improvement

1. Spelling mistakes (though they are of little concern)

Books on Radiology

  1. Radiological Procedures - Sathish K Bhargava
  2. Review of Radiology - First Edition - Sumer K Sethi
  3. MCQs in Radiology and Radiotherapy - Bipin V Daga
  4. Review of Radiology - Second Edition - Sumer K Sethi
  5. Signs and Syndromes in Radiology - Sathish K Bhargava


This text book which deals with the various radiological procedures is something which most of us had needed at one time or another in our wards, but had to resort to bulky volumes and search in the departmental library as to the indication and contraindication of a particular procedure for the condition under investigation. More over we are used to questions like “Can I Eat”, “Can I travel” etc from patients after few procedures that leaves us in an awkward state. Awkward because none of the standard texts tell anything about the after care. But this book scores over most other books in this area.

Even though there are lot of books that mention the indications and contraindication, and there are few more which tell us about the patient preparation, this is probably one book at the rate of Just Rs 295, that gives us in detail the patient preparation and After care for all Radiological investigations that one can come across in a Clinical Setup

All the persons who went through the text were impressed as to the clarity with which the facts are presented.

The paper quality and the printing are of such standards that unless one sees the publishers name, one can be pardoned for assuming that he is reading a book printed in UK / US,

The book is divided into 27 chapters

The initial chapters deal with introduction to radiology and justifies that the “classical” contrast methods do have a place even after the advent of computerised imaging methods and the choice of the investigation should be decided for each individual condition and should be patient specific

Radiation Protection is covered eloquently and the ways to reduce the radiation as well as the individual responsibilities of the personnel associated like the referring clinician, radiologist, technician, the paramedical staff and the patient are chartered out. The chapter on Contrast media answers all the MCQs asked from this topic in various Post Graduate Entrance Exams

Then the investigations pertaining the individual systems are outlined. Investigation of all the systems are given. All the investigations are covered in detail, Investigation of Joints and Breast (Mammography and others) are given better than most other books

All the reviewers were overwhelmed by the chapter on Paediatric Radiology. It is a must read for every paediatrician and Other clinicians who order investigations for kids

We read the actual procedure of the Thallium Technetium scan which is so often asked in most exams in this book for the first time and also investigation of Lacrimal System and Sinography and Fistulography make interesting reading

The book also deals with Ultrasonogram (USG), Computed Tomography (ST Scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Medicine

Interventional Radiology and Radiology in Emergency are the other topics that find their due here


This book is a must for any postgraduate. Tricks and Tips which may be gained after years of exposure in that particular field (after mistakes and errors in judgements) can be gleaned in few days when one reads this.

For example, it is better to take PA view of skull instead of AP View in case of children. Reason..... In PA View less amount of Radiation reaches the lens of the eyeball which is anterior and so the lens is protected

Reviewed on

April 8th 2004

Reviewed by

Team Target PG


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