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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Review in Paediatrics


Review in Paediatrics

Review in Paediatrics by Edwin Dias - Peepee Publishers 20%discount and Free Postage anywhere in India


A Edwin Dias


Peepee Publishers and Distributors


Rs 90 (Rs 72 after discount)

Type of Book

Rapid Notes

Exams covered

All Exams

Subjects covered


Intended for

AIIMS and All India PG Entrance,

State PGs and all PGs


Can be Used for

PLAB, USMLE, Any Interviews in Paediatrics

AIIMS and All India PG Entrance, State PGs and all PGs

Ward Rounds

Impressed with

1. A book that tells you both concepts and facts though more attention seems to been given to the concepts

2. Liberal Use of Tabular Columns

3. Often repeated questions are well covered

Areas for Improvement

1. More points can be added for the topics so that the book is more suited for the Indian Exams also

2. In addition to the basics which are presented here Subtle facts can be added


Paediatrics is an unique subject as far as PG Preparation is concerned. You will never know whether you need to read Paediatrics, how much of Paediatrics to read and how much you can manage with Medicine, Pathology and Microbiology

The Dilemma does not end after you have decided to prepare with “Paediatrics Proper” Another question arises out of blue then. What to read and where to read. Once you have decided that and start preparing , you will come to know that Paediatrics deserves a special attention compared to other subjects due the fact that the subject will appear perfectly clear and you will have a déja vu when you are reading. In the examination hall the situation becomes jamais vu when the question is focused (and we are off target)

This justifies that to be able to face questions from Paediatrics confidently in the exams, you need to revise and perhaps re-revise the subject a number of times. Books that help in review like Question and Answer books and Pre test series are definitely needed for this subject if not for others. Though no single book can be claimed to be complete for Paediatrics, there are a lot of books which will tell us what we know and more importantly what we don’t know. “Review in Paediatrics ” by A.Edwin Dias and published by Peepee publishers is one of the books that can be used to brush up your knowledge

Though this title deals with few topics only, the style is refreshingly lucid and up to the point. In spite of this not being a "complete" volume there are a lot of points which are emphasized in this book and that come regularly in various exams set by the faculty at AIIMS and State PGs. Most of the MCQs given here have been already asked in various exams more than once.

The facts are minimal, probably since the author had targeted his book mainly for the Foreign exams like PLAB and USMLE. We are impressed with the authors effort to make a concept clear to the student and then provide few points regarding that, though the facts are minimal. For example the Chapter on Genetics has questions only from Down's Syndrome A few more high yield points, say, from Turner's, Klinefelter's, Cri-du-chat etc could have made the book much lucrative.

The importance of Numerical Values that are often asked, especially in State PG Entrance Exams are stressed.


Considering that the cover price of this book is less than Rs 100, this makes a good choice for reading. After going through this book once you will know how much you know (and how much you don't know) not only in Paediatrics, but also in the basic sciences

Reviewed on

25th April 2004

Reviewed by

Post Graduates in Paediatrics and General Medicine


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