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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Scott's Pedia-TRICKS

Scott's Pedia-TRICKS
“Written by the students, For the students”

Second edition, 2009,  Rs.595 MRP

Edited by :

  • Dr. Julius Scott
  • Pediatric Oncologist,
    Women's and Children's hospital
Available in :
For copies contact :
  • parasmedicalbooks@gmail.com 
  • jxscott@hotmail.com
Review (by a Paediatrician):
  • This is a comprehensive guide for paediatric university practical examination (For undergraduates and postgraduates). There are many books in the market that is useful for the exam in paediatrics. Scott's Pedia-TRICKS stands unique in that the author specifically says that it is “Written by the students, For the students”. After going through the book it is felt in every page. The book has maintained its style throughout.
  • This book includes detailed history taking of all the pediatric exam cases for undergraduates and postgraduates. This also gives an elaborate discussion of all cases, topic wise with the common questions asked during the presentation. Difficult topics like paraplegia in children, neurodegenerative disorder, and hepatosplenomegaly - approach are all written in a different and practical way.
  • There is a detailed discussion for developmental assessment and also a separate “Newborn” chapter including all the short cases and spotters of neonatology. Elaborate chapter on “Tuberculosis” whatever a student need from exam point of view is also available in this book.
  • The second part of book includes whatever needed for the orals which is, exam x-rays with detailed legends, vaccines related questions with answers, instruments and drugs kept in orals, description of procedures asked in the exam, questions asked in the nutrition/emergency viva voce, lists of nutrition items kept for orals and their nutritive values and also the separate chapter on social programmes.
  • The list of long, short cases and spotters (both for UGs/PGs) with list of pathology slides and specimens kept for pediatric exams is definitely of very useful for students.
  • The university theory question bank for PGs and UGs and separate chapter on psychological preparation for a pediatric clinical exam will be definitely appreciated by all the students
  • Above all the author has also declared that the profit from the book is meant for the benefit of poor children, which makes the purpose very noble than just commercial and business.
  • One of the main advantages of this book is that is packed with information, which has been presented in points, so that it can be easily remembered by both undergraduate/post graduate students and also the way of presentation is like somebody teaching with timely jokes makes one to read without boring and easy to remember.
  • This book is a good ready reference for postgraduates and undergraduates of pediatrics.


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